We all returned safely

Colonel George had retired from U.S. Army in Washington D.C. Tom had invited him for dinner to his home. Tom is Lieutenant in U.S. Army. George is a fine man. Everyone likes him a lot. He has a holiday home in Bavarian Alps, in a Bad Waldsee. When he wasn’t there, he would let hisContinue reading “We all returned safely”

What had become of those two ladies

Ellen was old schoolfellow of Russel. They had studied in Hillhead High School in Glasgow. Both of them had completed their schooling. Ellen had invited Russel to his home for a vacation in Snowshill, Gloucester. Russel found his way to Glasgow central station and booked for Gloucester railway station which was near to Snowshill. ItContinue reading “What had become of those two ladies”

He was arrested by the Chicago police

Jason had taken debt from many people in Chicago but he did not return to any one of them. He is thirty years old man. People had filed lot of complaints to the police. Police had sent a policeman to Jason’s home. When policeman asked questions to Jason, he defended himself. He said there isContinue reading “He was arrested by the Chicago police”

Life after death in Spain

Prison authorities of Spain were puzzled after a prisoner was declared dead by three doctors just hours before his autopsy. The prisoner did not respond in his cell during a morning call. So, he was transferred to a hospital mortuary in a body bag. A strange thing happened. Pathologists noticed some sound. It was snoringContinue reading “Life after death in Spain”

A wonderful trip of mini- submarine

Jeremy had invented a mini-submarine near Shasta Lake in California. He worked in his auto repair shop. He did all this in his spare time. Jeremy had invited his wife Linda and daughter Alicia for its maiden run. Jeremy was strongly built and Linda was slender. Both of them were of medium height. Their daughterContinue reading “A wonderful trip of mini- submarine”

He phoned for the rescue

Shaun, a private pilot from Houston was 3200 ft over the Amazon forests was flying a small private plane on an assignment for discovering unknown mines deep in the forests. But, the lone engine stopped working. He had five minutes to do whatever he could. He took a deep breath and looked down the vastContinue reading “He phoned for the rescue”

Life is returning again in our city

It was very deadly wildfire and very destructive in Florida. It started at 6:30 a.m. on Monday, touched off by faulty electrical transmission lines. It burned for a week or so and consumed 74,000 acres of land. In all, the wildfire caused $8 billion in damage, destroying nearly 8000 buildings, killing 40 and left 9000Continue reading “Life is returning again in our city”

Melvin got his truck back

Melvin was a truck driver and resident of Arizona. His truck was stolen when he was out of station. He phoned to Arizona police. Police officer Ken reached to his home. Ken found tire tracks in the lawn. “It seems to be a huge truck.” Ken said. Shortly, Ken’s policemen arrived. He ordered men toContinue reading “Melvin got his truck back”

This is the best day I have ever seen in my life

Maarten had worn the same clothes on every school day for the three weeks in Hancock High School in Chicago. The other students noticed that he was wearing same green shirt and blue pant everyday. Students started taunting him and he became laughing stock. His mother’s financial condition was not good to buy new clothesContinue reading “This is the best day I have ever seen in my life”

Fifty thousand dollars job

“Do you remember Alex” George said to John and Daniel who were staying at his Union Place apartment, Washington DC,USA. We met him a few weeks ago. “What happened ?” Daniel asked. Alex is fine in fact. He has developed a well furnished boat. It is going to have maiden run next week,”George replied. GeorgeContinue reading “Fifty thousand dollars job”