Welcome to Tokyo Olympics 2020

Tokyo Olympics 2020 finally begins after a year gap. General public is deeply concerned due to increase in Covid-19 cases. Countries consider Olympics as a party bash. Last time, it was in Pyeongchang, South Korea, 2018. It was spectacular ceremony and quite efficient in living memories of people. Japanese are determined to be a highContinue reading “Welcome to Tokyo Olympics 2020”

If he hadn’t paid attention, he might have just missed

Norton hospital, Louisville, Kentucky was busy as its halls were crowded. Mitch was moving through the crowd to locate his friend Eric. A queasy thought struck to his mind, “How could something so terrible happen to Eric”? Eric had very good insurance business. He sold his successful business to serve hurting children in the world.Continue reading “If he hadn’t paid attention, he might have just missed”

Oh, I’m very glad you are home

Eric lived in a brick house in East Houston Street, New York. He was employee in telephone department. He was gentle and kind hearted man. Eric was married to Jessica, but they had no children. One afternoon, Eric was driving for work, somehow he lost control over the steering, hit an electric pole and bangedContinue reading “Oh, I’m very glad you are home”

Duck was rescued

Kelly was walking on her way to New York, in the month of March. She planned to go for hiking. After covering two miles, she discovered a female duck near the water’s edge. Kelly, 28 who had the knowledge of about the birds that ducks can be aggressive. When she approached, it didn’t move andContinue reading “Duck was rescued”

A fisherman escaped from whale’s mouth

A fisherman was closed in the mouth of humpack whale for about 30 to 40 seconds. After that, whale spit him out and he rose to the surface. The whale tried to eat him. His some portion of the skin got discoloured. But none of his bones were broken. He was diving for lobster outsideContinue reading “A fisherman escaped from whale’s mouth”

Flying taxis to replace planes and choppers

One of the world’s largest aircraft owner says that passenger planes could be replaced by flying taxis. Air travel companies are facing rivals like high speed trains in the world. Irish aircraft company Avolon will launch one thousand Vertical Take-Off Landing(eVOLT) aircraft that is manufactured in Britain Vertical Aerospace. It will be the battery-powered aircraftContinue reading “Flying taxis to replace planes and choppers”

US gold coin sold at an auction

US glod coin of the 1930’s was sold for $19.5 million at a Sotheby’s auction in New York on Tuesday. It was 1933 when Franklin D. Roosevelt removed USA from the gold standard to raise the US economy. The auction house mentioned the gold coin as Double Eagle coin. It has an image of LibertyContinue reading “US gold coin sold at an auction”