Why jeans are so popular ?

Levi Strauss was the first person who made blue jeans. It was for miners and cowboys in America in 1870. Nowadays, it is worn by everyone in the world. Jeans became so popular because of their strength and durability. Strauss and his partner Jacob Davis patented a unique pocket corner and that could prevent theContinue reading “Why jeans are so popular ?”

Why does climate remains much the same?

We may feel sometimes that summers are too hot and winters are too cold, but throughout the year the climate is ideal for us. There are few places on earth which are not fit for the existence of human beings. In Antartica, temprature is above the freezing point and intense heat of Sahara where tempratureContinue reading “Why does climate remains much the same?”

Why the Man in the Moon is discussed by people?

When we open a children’s story book, we are likely to discover a drawing of the Man in the Moon. For people, the Moon because of its combination of light and dark regions that give the appearance of a man’s face. It looks young with each pair of eyes. The Man in the Moon isContinue reading “Why the Man in the Moon is discussed by people?”

Why countries have hot springs?

In New Zealand if you book a hotel, you would certainly like to have morning shower in the water heated by the natural region geysers. Its not unique to New Zealand. They are in the whole world. In many places, such as Iceland, it is part of everyday life, this hot water is used forContinue reading “Why countries have hot springs?”