What is Joachimstaler?

There was a lucky draw contest in a farm house in Woodstock near Chicago. The farm house was fantastic. A large crowd was sitting and waiting for the winner to be announced. Michael,a tall man with blond hairs, pony tailed opened the box. All eyes turned towards the man. He read a note on aContinue reading “What is Joachimstaler?”

Hidden Treasure

Yeah!David sputtered and said,”Where are we going?” Mike grinned and said,”We are at the right place.” David is elder to Mike.Both brothers had been invited by their uncle Ranal to Hotel Gondola in Frankfort. Immediately,the boys heard some footsteps. “Here you are boys.I could not figure out what you are doing here.Come in.”said Ranal. RanalContinue reading “Hidden Treasure”

$28 million space trip

Auction for a trip to space with Jeff Bezos went for $28 million during a live auction on Saturday. Jeff and his brother Mark would accompany the crew members onboard New Shepard launch vehicle on July 20. Winner of the auction remains unknown. On thursday, bidding had reached to $4.8 million in the auction. TheContinue reading “$28 million space trip”

Why jewellery is worn?

Since ancient times human had the keen desire to decorate the body. The caves of prehistoric times, showed hunters wearing teeth and claws of animal giving them an attractive look. These were tribal people. On special occassions they used to wear simple shells and feathers for decoration. Person wearing decorations from precious materials marked exceptionalContinue reading “Why jewellery is worn?”

World’s tropical forests destroyed

Humans have destroyed two-thirds of world tropical forests. According to new survey, a key natural buffer against climate change is quickly disappearing. The loss of forests is causing climate warming, with the tropical forest vegetation representing the largest living species having carbon. The business of felling trees and cutting, primarily for agriculture has eliminated 33%Continue reading “World’s tropical forests destroyed”

Happy Girls’ Day

Today 3Mar2021 is Girls’ Day, also known as Doll’s day or Hinamatsuri in Japan. It is celebrated annually to wish for the healthy development and happiness of the Japanese girls. It is one of the five Japanese seasonal festivals. It is traditionally marked with highly decorated hina dolls which are made from clay and permanentlyContinue reading “Happy Girls’ Day”

Do you know these men?

Ken and Julian are two reporters of Daily Herald in Rockford, Illinois. They had gone to Osberg Motors to get some information for their article. It was a small company, neat and clean. They talked to the receptionist. Receptionist told them to wait. Someone would soon come to meet them. People were coming and going.Continue reading “Do you know these men?”

Happy Birthday to Wangdee Nima

Today is Wangdee Nima’s 96th birthday, famous by the name Wang Tae. Born on 2 March 1925 in Central Thai, Wang Tae’s parents were performers of traditional Thai folk genres. Since he was a child he became a specialist in Lam Tad, a style of Thai music. Wang Tae soon established his own troupe namedContinue reading “Happy Birthday to Wangdee Nima”