My hike to tea garden

It was Sunday afternoon, I had my lunch and left from my home for sightseeing. Winter has fallen now and it is time of spring season. I wore only half sleeves sweater and not any thick warm clothes. My hike began from my home in Dharamshala. From home I reached Kotwali market, it was inContinue reading “My hike to tea garden”

Third largest diamond discovered

Diamond firm Debswana of Botswana, South Africa had discovered a 1,098 carat precious stone and is being described third largest diamond in the world. It is considered to be third largest in its kind. Earlier, biggest diamond discovered was 3,106 carat Cullinan, found in South Africa in 1905. The second largest diamond was 1,109 caratContinue reading “Third largest diamond discovered”

Roman chariot discovered

Archaeologists have discovered an ancient Roman chariot, carved with male and female intimate figures in Italy. The four-wheeled chariot was found in the remains of large and luxurious country house to the north of ancient Roman town Pompeii. Carved with cupids, nymphs and satyrs it could have been used by elites for ceremonies, chariot racing,Continue reading “Roman chariot discovered”