Swiss Watch Theft

Gift Gallery, Franklin Square, New York, USA. The door flew open and girl stormed out of the gift gallery and collided head on with Jeff, who was standing right at the door. The girl glared at Jeff, who mumbled an apology. She hurried away with her long hairs bouncing. “How do you like that”? JonathanContinue reading “Swiss Watch Theft”

Bike thief was arrested

“Moon Dune beach!” Michael said to Myles. Both were brothers from California. Micheal was twenty-five, tall and dark-haired. Myles, a year yonger was blond. They were moving along shore road to go for a swim. Several cars whizzed by. The boys parked their car in parking slot behind bathing pavilion. Myles climbed out of theContinue reading “Bike thief was arrested”

New asteroid can hit our earth

“New asteroid “Bennu” can hit the earth. It has a chance.” NASA said. It is at a distance of over 100 million miles approximately from Earth and is acorn shaped. A NASA spacecraft reported that an asteroid is 500 m wide. It also reported size, shape, mass and composition. It has collected a sample ofContinue reading “New asteroid can hit our earth”

Goldmine asteroid found

NASA has said “a Golden Asteroid is roaming in our solar system.” It is 125 mile-wide asteroid. Its price could be more than $10,000 quadrillions i.e. small piece of it could be of billions and trilions of dollars. “Psyche 16” is the name given to this asteroid. NASA is planning to spend an expedition toContinue reading “Goldmine asteroid found”

Extinct Ice Age lion cubs discovered

Extinct Ice age lion curbs have been discovered, their bodies seem to be tens of thousands of years old. According to the researchers, these are one of the best species ever found. The observations tell that they died when they were about a month or two. One cub is estimated to be with greyish, yellowishContinue reading “Extinct Ice Age lion cubs discovered”

Mysterious explosion in Turkey

In Turkey, the residents of Izmir were shocked after an explosion in the sky. After few seconds, it turned to shiny green. According to the media of Turkey, it was a “meteor” heading towards the ground. It caused an explosion in the sky and changed its colour. A citizen Ehsan Elahi wrote “A green #meteorContinue reading “Mysterious explosion in Turkey”

Happy International Friendship Day

Frienship day is celebrated all over the world in countries like USA, UK, UAE and many Asian countries. The history takes us back to 1930. It was organized by Joyce Hall founder of Hallmark Cards. Joyce intention was to celebrate on August 2. People sold greeting cards on this day. World Friendship Crusade proposed InternaionalContinue reading “Happy International Friendship Day”

Baby killer whale captured millions of hearts before dying

Baby killer whale or orca was found stranded in New Zealand waters. It was around eight feet long and believed to be five to six months old. It became flag news in New Zealand after the baby orca got separated from his group. It was given the name Toa. The condition of Toa revealed thatContinue reading “Baby killer whale captured millions of hearts before dying”

Life after death in Spain

Prison authorities of Spain were puzzled after a prisoner was declared dead by three doctors just hours before his autopsy. The prisoner did not respond in his cell during a morning call. So, he was transferred to a hospital mortuary in a body bag. A strange thing happened. Pathologists noticed some sound. It was snoringContinue reading “Life after death in Spain”

Wildfire turned moon from white to orange

Wildfires in the US northwest and southwestern Canada had changed the full moon to an orangish appearance from its original look. It was due to strong rush of multiple blazes. It showed a fully sized moon changing its colour to orange. The outline of chopper could be seen on a lighter background of moon asContinue reading “Wildfire turned moon from white to orange”