Oh, I’m very glad you are home

Eric lived in a brick house in East Houston Street, New York. He was employee in telephone department. He was gentle and kind hearted man. Eric was married to Jessica, but they had no children. One afternoon, Eric was driving for work, somehow he lost control over the steering, hit an electric pole and bangedContinue reading “Oh, I’m very glad you are home”

Support Britney Spears from all over the world

Britney Spears gave an emotional speech at the courthouse that left everybody shocked. Celebrities like Justin Timberlake, Rose McGowan, and Maria Carey have supported over Britney’s very long term conservatorship. She addressed a court judge in Los Angeles in which she said, ” It is an abusive.” and she does not feel that she canContinue reading “Support Britney Spears from all over the world”